falling water

Falling Water

Serves: 1

Perfect for hot days and busy nights, the 42BELOW Falling Water could be described as the Kiwi G&T. Strong, clean and refreshing; it’s dead simple and wonderfully unique. If you haven't yet tried this quirky pairing of Feijoa, Ch'i and cucumber, get ready to give your tastebuds a zing!

Recipe brought to you by The Mix!


  • 45ml 42BELOW Feijoa
  • 120ml CH'I Sparkling Herbal Mineral Water
  • Telegraph Cucumber Slice


  1. Cut one long slice of cucumber, rest inside glass
  2. Pour in 45ml 42BELOW Feijoa vodka
  3. Fill with cubed ice
  4. Charge with CH'I Sparkling Herbal mineral water and serve