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Made to Match - Spicy harissa lamb


This is a delicious long and slow way to cook lamb. It can be cooked in a conventional oven or low and slow in a Dutch oven over a fire.

In this application Al Brown has served the lamb in warm tortillas with a fresh slaw and mint and coriander, however it would work equally well served over rice or even pasta.

Download the recipe card here >>

This delicious Spicy Harissa Lamb is Made to Match with...

Mac's Hop Rocker

Hop Rocker is hoppy enough to match up to a spicy curry, but well balanced enough to also remain very refreshing and drinkable. The full citrus aromas and bitter notes from the generous hopping add a touch of botanical exoticism.

Little Creatures Pilsener

With Tasmanian Helga, New Zealand Pacifica and Saaz hops added throughout the brewing process this beer has a light, fresh flavour and a crisp bitterness.

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