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Made to Match - Seared trout


The simplest preparations yield the most delicious results. Simply cooked fish nestled up to a salad made with a few interesting ingredients. Fresh, tasty, crisp and light.

Download the recipe card here >>

This simple and fresh fish dish is Made to Match with...

Steinlager Pure

Steinlager Pure uses a selection of New Zealand's finest hops, including a new variety called Pacific Jade specially commissioned by Steinlager. Pacific Jade delivers a refreshing flavour designed to appeal to a new generation of premium beer drinkers - a smooth easy drinking taste which is perfectly balanced from the light New Zealand hop nose to its crisp clean finish. The addition of Nelson Sauvin hops contribute to the wine-like aroma and subtle gooseberry and passionfruit notes.


The secret to Hoegaarden's refreshing sweet-sour taste is the blend of ingredients: the zest of oranges and coriander create the unique fruity and spicy flavour. Hoegaarden is unfiltered, which gives it its natural cloudiness and preserves the distinctive aromas.

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