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Made to Match - Al's roasted whole snapper


I simply love this sort of dish because it celebrates all the good things about our favourite season; fresh fish, handmade salsa and of course crisp clean beers to accompany. If the thought of preparing and cooking a whole snapper is slightly intimidating, simply cook the recipe using boneless fillets of fish, it will work just as well. To accompany I normally sauté off some pre-cooked new potatoes and throw together a green salad of some description.

Download the recipe card here >>

This delicious roasted whole snapper recipe is Made to Match with...

Mac's Gold

Mac's Gold is a great match with more subtle dishes like chicken and fish.


Like other lagers, Budweiser is a very versatile beer for pairing with food. The refreshing quality makes it a nice accompaniment to spicy dishes and the crisp finish will cut through rich or oily sauces.

Check out the Made to Match website for more!

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