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Made to Match - Al's spicy duck stew


This is a delicious, slightly sweet and spicy stew that works a treat with duck. If you're using wild duck legs for the recipe, I would double the amount as they are basically half the size of a farm raised duck.

The Al's Spice Mix can be used with all manner of meats. Using chicken will also give you a great result.

Download the recipe card here >>

This delicious spicy duck stew recipe is Made to Match with...

Speight's Distinction Ale

Speight's Distinction Ale balances outstanding refreshment and drinkability with the characteristic flavours of classic ales. It is full of roasted malty sweetness with hints of caramel and butterscotch and finished with a slight hop bite. The darker speciality malts provide a more complex malty caramel flavour that gives this brew a well rounded character.

Mac's Sassy Red

With a tapestry of different malts and the finest Motueka hops added at different points throughout the brewing process, Mac's Sassy Red is a complex brew bursting with spicy flavours and aromas. The use of specialty malts gives this beer a more caramelised, almost toffee flavour.

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