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Made to Match - Al's Fish Tacos with Fiery Salsa


These fish tacos were put on Earth to be consumed with Corona. It's one of those 'no brainer' beer and food matches.

For the tempura batter, you can buy tempura flour from most decent supermarkets, then just add water and you're away. Of course, you can mix it up and use your own batter for a little extra character.

I like to go for a large flaked fish like kahawai, blue moki or warehou when it comes to filling these beauties up.

These delicious Fish Tacos are Made to Match with...

Corona Extra

Brewed and bottled in Mexico by Grupo Modelo, Corona is the world's number 1 Mexican beer - a refreshing blend of the finest quality blend of barley, yeast, imported hops and water.

Little Creatures Pilsener

With Tasmanian Helga, New Zealand Pacifica and Saaz hops added throughout the brewing process this beer has a light, fresh flavour and a crisp bitterness.

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