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Bottle of sparkling wine and present -Henrys functions and events

Functions & Events

Have a big event coming up? Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, engagement party or just a get-together, our team at Henry's can help you create a drinks package to suit your needs, guests and budget.

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Planning a party?

Use our functions calculator to find out how many beverages you'll need to order and an estimate of how much it'll cost. Just set the time, guests and pick your drink preferences to find out.
Groups of people at party holding cocktails - Henry's premium drinks pack

Premium Pack

Suitable for up to 100 people

Prefer to reach for the top shelf? We've got even more choice.

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Group of people sitting around table giving a cheers with glasses - Henry's mainstream drinks pack

Mainstream Pack

Suitable for up to 100 people

After a little more quality? Our Mainstream Pack is a great mid-range option.

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Groups of peole giving a cheers with beer glasses - Henry's value drinks pack

Value Pack

Suitable for up to 100 people

Looking for budget-friendly option? Our Value Pack is ideal for a no-fuss function or event.

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Groups of people giving a cheers with red wine - Henry's optimum drinks pack

Optimum Pack

Suitable for up to 100 people

Only the best will do? This pack's for you.

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