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About Henry's

Want to know how humble roots in home brew spanned into 15 stores across the South Island selling some of best beer, wine and spirits from New Zealand's and around the world? Read our story.

Who Is Henry?

It had all started when Henry was in his early 20s and tried to make home brew in his parents' garden shed. They thought he was taking a surprising new interest in lawn mower maintenance until, flushed with the success of producing his first potable samples after a couple of failed batches, he opted to share them.

He went on to make wine commercially after his OE, but found the semi-rural life somewhat quiet. His career path took in stints of venue and event management when he moved back to the city. This training and experience, matched with his 'gift of the gab', turned him into one helluva sommelier.

Henry came home from work one day and found that Meg, his golden retriever puppy, had chewed his favourite jandals. He realised Meg was deeply and fundamentally bored - and frankly, so was he. Sitting on the doorstep beside his chewed jandals, savouring a chilled lager, Henry had a blinding insight.

Obviously, he had to set up his own business and take Meg to work with him every day. It would be awkward for anyone to tell the boss to leave Meg at home.

And the line of business? It would draw on what Henry knew best: beer, wine and spirits. He would set up the most welcoming, customer-friendly BWS outlet in the country, offering great BWS at prices his customers would value.

Henry knew that most people wanted to enjoy and savour their tipple but often felt overwhelmed by the wordy, confusing jargon too many of the industry bigwigs used. Henry visualised himself bantering with suppliers and negotiating deals, and sharing his enthusiasm, and knowledge with his customers in a no-nonsense, down to earth fashion. He would respect the intellect of his customers, and help them to have enough knowledge to enjoy their BWS journey without requiring a degree! It felt awesome.

The name? Well, this was his story and he wanted the business to reflect his down to earth approach.

So, Henry's it was.

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